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Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) is not a new technology, if fact, water has been collected from the air for at least 2,000 years using air wells in Middle Eastern deserts, and later in Europe. With the advances in compressor technology and water filtration, Atmospheric Water Generation is not only an easy and effective way to get clean water, it may be some of the cleanest water you can get!

Public water supplies can contain harmful pharmaceutical drugs such as antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones. Also, fluoride in out water system has been linked to very

And the world is becoming over run with empty plastic bottles from bottled water, it is not even clear if these plastic bottles are even safe to consume from.

Atmospheric Water Generation may be the best solution to get clean safe water. The only issue is if you live in an area that has enough humidity to reliably make water from air. The west coast of the United States is perfect for making water most times of the year, as is the south east. The central portions and north east portions of the United States may have trouble making water in quantity in the winter due to extremely low humidity conditions that can occur. Our Atmospheric Water Machines have a method to over come this as they do have a tap water assist feature that may draw from the tap water if water cannot be made sufficiently due to low humidity conditions or low temperatures.